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Enter into a world of possibilities, a world where learning has greater meaning, deeper insight, and connection with the environment around us.


Welcome to MusoMinds!


Our curriculum elevates the well-being of those who seek an education that enriches the mind and empowers the perceptive, reflective, expressive, collaborative and creative disciplines through music.


We aim to simplify the path to an effective education that is holistic, through the utilisation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology, audio sensory technology and virtual reality, to instil a habit of continuous learning that is entertaining, experiential, and unforgettable.


That is what good teachers do..


Patrick Dwyer



MBA, FMVA, BMus(Hons)

Grad. Dip. Teaching

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Our Chefs

"You have made the biggest impact on my learning (and my sense of humour) more than any other teacher I have had!”

"You are an amazing teacher and an even better musician and I'm one of the lucky students to say that I was taught by you!"

Tonga Vuni

Conor Downey

"You are quite honestly one of the best teachers I have ever had!"

Patrick Hayes

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