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KinderMinds Curriculum





Musical play has a fundamental role in the physical, social,

emotional and intellectual development of young children.

Stimulating the auditory, visual and kinesthetic senses of young minds 

encourages cognitive pathways to form for language

and numeracy to be established  early on.

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How do we do it?

Designed for 2 - 4 year olds, our expertly curated music lessons encourage the child to use their whole body to echo sounds in a tactile environment.

This promotes the use of senses that enable their complicated nervous system to follow a plan necessary for achieving milestones in

early cognitive development. 

       Each 25 minute session incorporates:

  • Games

  • Language through songs

  • Rhythm and rhyme

  • Exploring a variety of instruments

  • Actions and dancing

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We encourage music awareness through movement and rhythmic activities in a fun, explorative and fantasy-world experience. In other words, we promote a method of music through movement.

What is our approach?

Feeling and expressing the beat is the foundation of early cognitive development, as research shows that early rhythmic development enhances tasks that require timing (e.g. walking, dancing, writing and drawing).

Why is this beneficial?

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View our learning objectives specifically curated for ages of 2-4 years
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